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Proceedings 2023 cover ERMES GROUP

ERMES Group Plenary Presentations 2023

Presentations from the first day of the ERMES Plenary 2023: Emission Models and Projects held on 20 November 2023, and from the second day: Air Quality and Remote Sensing held on 28th November 2023, are available on this page. Simply click on the presentation title to initiate the download. You can also watch the sessions video Day One here (2h 14 min) and  Day Two here  (2h 25 min).


1.1 Mobile Emissions: New and recent developments in the Netherlands

Jessica de Ruiter and Norbert Ligterink, TNO, The Netherlands

1.2 HBEFA Outlook and Update Plans

Benedikt Notter, INFRAS, Bern, Switzerland and Stefan Hausberger, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria

1.3  COPERT: What’s new in version 5.7

Traianos Karageorgiou , EMISIA, Greece

1.4 Bottom-up calculation of cold start emissions in the Netherlands

Emiel Eijk and Jessica de Ruiter TNO, The Netherlands

1.5 UNECE IWG on Automotive Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) - developing a harmonized methodology for automotive’s future

Giuseppe Di Pierro, Sustainable Transport Unit, European Commission, Joint Research Centre (EC JRC), Ispra, Italy

1.6 Real-world evaluation of WBA limits in urban driving

Thomas Frateur, TNO, The Netherlands


2.1 Can you ‘sniff’ what type of car is passing by?

Jens Borken-Kleefeld, Technical University Dresden, Germany

2.2 LENS PROJECT: L-vehicles emissions and noise mitigation solutions

Leonidas Ntziachristos, Laboratory of Thermodynamics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

2.3 REMOVES: Remote monitoring of on-road vehicle emissions in Switzerland

Harald Jenk, Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Switzerland

2.4 THE SCIPPER PROJECT: Challenges with NOx emissions control of late technology vessels

Ruud Verbeek, TNO, The Netherlands

2.5 CARES PROJECT: First comprehensive analysis of data in the new CARES RS database

James Tate, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK

2.6 THE AIR REMOTE SENSING PROJECT: Large-scale remote sensing testing in four cities in Scotland

Kaylin Lee, International Council on Clean Transport, Berlin, Germany

About us

The European Research for Mobile Emission Sources (ERMES) is a group of research institutions, competent authorities, industry associations, whose mission includes the support of cooperative research in the field of transport emission modelling, policy, and practice.