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Our Mission

Coordinate Mobile Emission Projects

To coordinate mobile emission research and measurement programmes among European research institutions to improve transport emission modelling and optimising human and financial resources.


Organization of Emission Models

To establish a permanent network of mobile emission, and vehicle energy consumption modellers and model users.

International reference

To establish a European and international reference point for mobile emissions, and vehicle energy consumption modelling and related topics.

Our Objectives

ERMES Members Contribute To Science


To obtain the scientific data needed to estimate emissions from mobile sources and verify the results of emission models.

& Problem Solving

To promote mutual interest and effective co-operation in understanding and resolving common transport measurement and modelling issues.

Transport Emissions

To improve the co-ordination of European transport emission measurement and modelling.


To deepen the understanding of the scientific and technological issues relating to the impact of transport emissions on the society.

Our partners

Who is working with us


Estimating Air Pollutant Emissions

Ensuring transport sustainability and meeting ambitious decarbonisation targets are key pillars of European policy. The EU has a longstanding comprehensive policy and monitoring framework covering air pollutant emissions from mobile sources including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption. 

Transport air pollutant emissions need to be estimated accurately to ensure GHG emission targets and air quality limits are met. 

ERMES partners share their experience, solve methodological issues, and consolidate knowledge in the field of transport emissions to produce the most up-to-date emission inventory models for policy making and implementation.

 Main activities undertaken within the framework of the ERMES Group relate to:

- transport emissions and energy consumption measurement
- transport emissions and energy consumption modelling
- projections and future outlook analysis through in-house tools and data
- research for policy development and the implementation of sustainable low carbon transport.

ERMES Plenary Meetings are held every year to present the results of research activities. 


About us

The European Research for Mobile Emission Sources (ERMES) is a group of research institutions, competent authorities, industry associations, whose mission includes the support of cooperative research in the field of transport emission modelling, policy, and practice.