The mission of the ERMES group is trifold:

  •    • coordinate research and measurement programmes among European research institutions for the improvement of transport emission inventories and projections in Europe while optimizing the exploitation of human and financial resources;
  •    • become a permanent network of mobile emission modellers and model users;
  •    • become a reference point both at European and international level for mobile emissions modelling and related topics in Europe.



ERMES members collaborate for achieving the following objectives:

  •    • To obtain the scientific data needed to estimate emissions from mobile sources and verify the results of emission models;
  •    • To promote mutual interest and effective co-operation in understanding and resolving common issues;
  •    • To improve the co-ordination in the field of emission measurement and modelling in Europe;
  •    • To deepen the understanding of the scientific and technological issues relating to the impact of transport emissions on the society.


Term of reference

By participating to the ERMES activities the ERMES partners agree to the following Term of Reference.