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Selected reports


Year Authors Title Link
2017 HBEFA-Group ERMES LDV emission measurements Database PDF
2017 TU Graz Update of Emission Factors for EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 Diesel Passenger Cars for the HBEFA Version 3.3 PDF
2016 TU Graz Proposal for test description for cars and LCV for chassis dyno tests and RDE tests as basis for emission factors PDF
2015 TNO On-road NOx and CO2 investigations of Euro 5 Light Commercial Vehicles PDF
2015 TNO Detailed investigations and real-world emission performance of Euro 6 diesel passenger cars PDF
2014 TNO Update analysis of real-world fuelconsumption of business passenger carsbased on Travelcard Nederland fuelpass data PDF
2012 TNO Determination of Dutch NOx emission factorsfor Euro-5 diesel passenger cars PDF
2013 TNO Investigations and real world emission performance of Euro 6 light-duty vehicles
2013 TNO Tail-pipe emissions and fuel consumption of standard and tampered mopeds PDF
2013 TU Graz Update of Emission Factors for EURO 5 and EURO 6 Passenger Cars for the HBEFA Version 3.2 PDF
2013 IIASA On-road vehicle emissions remote sensing website
2013 VTI An analysis of the Swedish HGV fleet with driving resistance in focus - vehicle parameters as a basis for HBEFA emission factor estimation Report
2012 TNO The policy relevance of wear emissions from road transport, now and in the future, A workshop report Report
2012 VTI Rolling resistance model, fuel consumption model and the traffic energy saving potential of changed road surface conditions Report
2012 VTI Coastdown measurement with 60-tonne truck and trailer - estimation of transmission, rolling and air resistance Report
2012 TNO, AEA, Ricardo Supporting Analysis regarding Test Procedure Flexibilities and Technology Deployment for Review of the Light Duty Vehicle CO2 Regulations PDF
2012 TNO Determination of Dutch NOx emission factors for Euro-5 diesel passenger cars PDF
2012 TNO Road load determination of passenger cars PDF
2011 JRC Heavy-Duty Engines-Conformity Testing based on PEMS - Lessons Learned from the European Pilot Program Report
2011 JRC Analyzing on-road emissions of light-duty vehicles with Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) Report
2011 EMISIA, INFRAS, LAT, JRC, TUG Parameterisation of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles for modelling purposes Report
2010 TUG Fuel Consumption and Emissions of Modern Passenger Cars PDF
2010 EMISIA, LAT, JRC Uncertainty Estimates and Guidance for Road Transport Emission Calculations Report
2010 VTI A method for the estimation of average fuel maps Report
2009 TU Graz Emission Factors from the Model PHEM for the HBEFA Version 3 PDF
2009 TUG Measurement of CO2- and fuel consumption from cars in the NEDC and in real-world-driving cycles PDF
  IFEU, TUG, HS-DAC, INFRAS Aktualisierung und Recherche zu Emissionsfaktoren von Euro 5- und Euro 6-Fahrzeugen und nachgerusteten Kfz und Ubertragung der Daten ins Handbuch fur Emissionsfaktoren (HBEFA) und in TREMOD  
  TUV-North, TU Graz Emission factors for bio fuel driven cars  
  TUV-North, TU Graz HBEFA Efaktoren aus EU-VI Messungen  
  TU Graz Vermessung eines Euro-V LKW mit Abgasruckfuhrung  
  TU Graz EURO-VI SNF Rollenmessungen  
  AVL-MTC Swedish contribution within the ERMES co-operation 2012  

Selected articles


Year Authors Title Link
2014 IIASA Real-driving emissions from cars and light commercial vehicles -   Results from 13 years remote sensing at Zurich/CH website
2013 UNIGE, IFSTTAR Assessment of heavy-duty vehicle activities, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in port areas website
2013 JRC, LAT, TU Graz Road vehicle emission factors development: A review PDF
2013 IIASA On-road vehicle emissions remote sensing website
2013 LAT, JRC Use of portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) for the development and validation of passenger car emission factors Article
2012 JRC, IFEU Will Euro 6 reduce the NOx emissions of new diesel cars? - Insights from on-road tests with Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) Article
2012 TNO Dependence on technology, drivers, roads, and congestion of real-world vehicle fuel consumption PDF
2011 JRC On-Road Emissions of Light-Duty Vehicles in Europe Article
  TNO The Policy Relevance of Wear Emissions from Road Transport, Now and in the Future Article